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Posted on 13th Feb, 2021 in Uncategorised

There is both great power and great suffering in knowing. From the outset of the Capitol insurrection attempt, I knew for a fact that there would be no accountability for those who organized it; no accountability for Donald Trump and his White House; no accountability for pillow executives with plans for martial law; no accountability for right-wing media outlets who pushed a false narrative and amplified Trump's calls to insurrection, and no accountability for those in the Legislative branch who supported all this.

Over the course of this week, the House impeachment managers made a clear case before the Senate that tied the events of January 6, 2021 to the rhetoric, actions, and literal directions of Donald Trump. Yet, the Senate Republicans decided to avert their eyes both literally and metaphorically from the evidence. Today they voted 57-43 to acquit.

So what happens next?

Next we come to accept that there is no justice and no democracy in America. The 57 Senators who voted with facts and reason instead of their loyalties to the Former demagogue-in-chief represent tens of millions more people who's voices have effectively been silenced by the tyranny of the minority. The Republicans who voted to acquit would sooner welcome fascism than do the right thing.

This decision effectively renders impeachment as a meaningless check on the Presidency and implies that there is nothing wrong with a President inciting an insurrection. What is the point of an archaic procedure that cannot even remove a President who has committed crimes against democracy and the State? There is no point. Impeachment's power has been rendered moot.

However, the worse is yet to come. By implicitly endorsing this insurrection attempt, we've now set a precedent that guarantees there will be another attempt. History is littered with would-be dictators who fail in their first attempt to overthrow a government, receive little to no consequences for their actions, and return to do it again successfully. Everyone is familiar with the Beer Hall Putsch by this point. Once you establish that there are no consequences for a coup attempt, you've invited further coup attempts.

Good luck America, you're now just as "backwards" and unstable as all those developing nations you've looked down on (and intentionally destabilized) for so long. As for me, I now intend to get out of here before the suffering worsens.


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