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Posted on 28th Mar, 2021 in Snacks

It's become a running joke that among my friends that I've become a snack blogger. I'm sure that my suitcase full of Kit Kats has nothing to do with it. Recently, one of my friends was in the area to get their car inspected. They took the opportunity to bring me tribute in exchange for a review. So while its well outside of what I'd normally write about, I'll be taking a look at some limited edition flavors of potato chips and soda today.

Lay's Salted Egg Flavored Chips
Lay's China Salted Egg Flavor

Salted eggs are eggs preserved in brine. They're quite tasty and can be quite salty. You know what else is tasty and salty? Potato chips! Lay's China has successfully synergized these two in to a flavorful snack. You will probably want to have a drink handy if you plan to eat a lot of these though.

Lay's Hokkaido Cheese
Lays' Taiwan Hokkaido Cheese Flavor

Hokkaido is an indisputable agricultural powerhouse. It produces more than half of the nation's wheat, beans, and potatoes. But it's also produces more than half of the nation's milk. Naturally it follows that they also produce a significant amount of cheese. So it's quite surprising to see that this flavor is from Lay's Taiwan instead of Lay's Japan.

The chips strike a good balance between salty and cheesy while still managing to be lighter than the typical fare in a US grocery aisle. The cheese is milder than a white cheddar would be. These are a nice snack, I would recommend them.

Mountain Dew Major Melon Flavor
Mountain Dew Major Melon Flavor

Ah, Mountain Dew. The waking nightmare of 4 out of 5 American dentists! Just as the brand's reputation for tooth-decay-inducing sugary soft drinks implies, this flavor is wildly sweet (even by American soft drink standards). As someone who appreciates the sweeter things in life though, I enjoyed it. If you're not too big on very sweet things though, this might not be your cup of tea. Sugar aside, the soda tastes like artificial watermelon flavoring. It's a flavor reminiscent of those big watermelon lollipops from the turn of the century. I would recommend giving it a try to see if you like it.

Kit Kat Sparkling Wine with Strawberry (スパークリングワインwithストロベリー)
Sparkling Wine with Strawberry Kit Kat

Finally, this wouldn't be one of my review posts if it didn't include at least one Kit Kat. My friend brought me a couple of these Kit Kats along with the other snacks. They're a slightly alcoholic Christmas treat. From what I've heard it's not unusual to celebrate Christmas with a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne. However, the marketing materials add a strawberry to an already luxurious drink for a refined dose of "treat yo' self".

This Kit Kat makes use of a white chocolate base to deliver 2 wafers dusted with powdered sparkling wine and strawberries. Opening the wrapper on one of these immediately releases an intoxicating scent. Despite the lower alcohol content in this flavor (when compared to the sake flavors for example), it packs quite a punch. The taste of the wine completely buries the white chocolate. However, the strawberry is an almost equally strong player in the flavor profile of this Kit Kat. Its sweetness cuts through the sharpness of wine's alcohol. This flavor could certainly be a hit on a cozy winter date night at home. It'd also do well if your significant other dumped you on Christmas Eve and you just want to get wasted to feel something again. Just be sure not to operate any heavy machinery after consuming one of these bad boys.


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